This question comes up a lot for small businesses who are just starting their e-commerce. How do you tag products and shop experience on Instagram? When starting my jewelry line with my sister, We Are Andrex, a lot people asked us how we tagged our products. I would send an article that we used at the time to figure it out, and every time I sent it to someone, they still had more questions. I thought it would be best to write up the steps in a simpler manner and share it with you all!

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

Steps to take before adding your shop on Instagram:

Before you’re able to add the shopping feature to your Instagram, there are a couple of things you need to do first on Facebook:

  1. Have a Facebook business page for your shop using the Shopping Template.
  2. Make sure your Instagram profile is a business profile. (Instagram Settings > tap Switch to Business Profile > select your Facebook Page that’s associated with your Business Profile on Instagram)

*Side note: your profile must be set to Public – private accounts can’t switch to Business Accounts.

Step 1 – How to add the Shop feature on your Facebook page:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and click on “Shop” on the left side. If you don’t see the tab already follow these steps: 
    • Go to your Page Settings (button is at the top right corner).
    • Click “Templates and Tab” in the left column.
    • Scroll to the bottom and click “Add a Tab”.
    • Click Add Tab next to “Shop” and then click close.
    • Go back to your Facebook Page and click on “Shop” on the left side.

2. If you haven’t set up your shop already, a popup will appear when you click on “Shop” for you to add information about your business, such as: location, tax registration, products or services you sell, and more!

3. After you’ve answered all those questions, you can now add products and collections to your shop! 

Step 2 – How to add Collections and Products to your Shop:

1. How to add a collection:

  • Find “Shop” in the side menu and select “Collections.”
  • Click “+ Add Collection” on the right.
  • Name the collection, and choose the visibility to “Public.”
  • Click “Save” when you’re done. If you want to add products to the collection, click “+ Add Products” (these products are ones that are already created).

2. How to add a product:

    • Find “Shop” in the side menu again and select “Products.”
    • Click “+ Add Product.”
    • A popup will appear: add photos, name of the product, price, description and most importantly, add the URL to your website where users will buy directly. 
    • Click “Save.”

Step 3 – How to connect your Instagram business profile to your Facebook Catalog:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Click on “Business.”
  4. Click on “Shopping.”
  5. Choose your Facebook page to connect.

Step 4 – Your account will be reviewed:

Once you have completed the above steps, your Instagram account will be automatically reviewed for access to the shopping feature on Instagram. This typically takes a few days.

Step 5 – How to add product tagging on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Select a photo or video and add a caption.
  3. Tap the products in the photo that you want to tag. You can select up to 5 products.
  4. Click on “Done.”
  5. Click on “Share.” 

If you have any questions or get stuck on adding your Shop to Facebook and Instagram, please let me know – I’m more than happy to assist! Click here to contact me!


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