Hello friends! Ever wonder how to influencers keep their Instagram feed beautiful, clean and cohesive? Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to showcase your brand style through your Instagram feed by being consistent with the types of photos, time, colors and photo editing.

1. Mood Board

What inspires you? Who inspires you? What Instagram feeds do you follow that you wish your profile looked like? Start saving images and make a mood board! You can do this under the “Collections” section of Instagram and save photos you LOVE (kind of like how you’d do on Pinterest). Save photos that go with your brand – whether it’s playful and adventurous or even product placement photos. See below an example of how my “Photos Inspo” collection looks like before a photoshoot:

 2: Time of Day

When taking your photos, make sure to be consistent with the time of day (i.e. sunset, sunrise, mid-day, cloudy, etc). This is important because your photos will depend on the lighting. For sunset and sunrise times your photos will most likely come out light and cool, which will give your feed that natural lighting glow. For a mid-day photoshoot with the sun out your photos will most likely be harsh with dark shadows, which will give your feed that edgy look. Always strive to have specific photoshoot days so that you can take it at the same time consistently. It is also a good idea to take a bunch of photos that will last you content for a month or two so you’re not always having to take photos everyday.

3. Color Scheme

Keep in mind what colors you’d like on your images (i.e. white, blue, yellow and pink). You can use these colors on your clothes, buildings, art, etc. If you’re wondering what colors to pick, see below three Instagram feeds I pulled out for inspiration and notice how they are consistent with color:

San Diego Business Babes
Their Instagram feed is consistent with the colors blue, yellow, pink, white and green. Even when they post a social media graphic, they keep those colors in the design. 

The Wanderlust Bazaar
Their Instagram feed is consistent with the colors yellow, brown, blue, white and green. They have both product and lifestyle photos that connect because the background of the lifestyle shots don’t clash with the product photos. 

Mallory On The Moon
Mallory loves ALL the colors of the rainbow – red, green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and orange! Notice how she has a tint over her images that sort of mute the colors and brings it together. 

4. Photo Editing

Choose a filter that compliments your brand because you can easily get lost with all the filters out there in the world. It is always best to stick with one so your Instagram feed is cohesive. Click here to learn how to edit your photos with RNI Films.

5. Share Content That Shows Off Your Personality

According to Jen A. Miller [brandy strategy consultant and Instagram expert] the line between professional and personal on Instagram is beginning to blur as people are becoming more curious to know the faces behind their favorite brands. This allows business owners to grow a stronger connection with their audience because they are making it all about the experience with their products or services.

Promise Tangeman of GoLive HQ, is a great example of someone who is very intentional about including content about her brand, while also letting you get to know her personality through video tutorials, personal captions, and bubbly photoshoots. See below an example:

And that’s it! You should have your Instagram Feed all beautiful and ready to share with the world. If you have questions, please comment below and I’ll be happy to help!

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