My twin sister and I own an online jewelry shop called We Are Andrex. We’ve had people DM us through Instagram or ask in person how we got our look/feel/style because they love our Instagram feed, @wearandrex. The first thing we say, and yes at the same time, is RNI Films. This app is by far the best editing tool we’ve used – we’ve tried Photoshop, LightRoom, Affinity Photo, and none stuck until we came across RNI Films. It has more amazing filter options to choose from and it is easy to use as you can see in the steps below!

A little tip – it’s always best to have a cohesive Instagram feed, so choose your style before diving into the app. Click here to learn how to brand your Instagram feed.


Tools You’ll Need:

  • RNI Films App

Filters I’ve Used:

  • Vintage > Technicolor 2

  • Negative > Agfa Optima 200 v.2

Adjustment Settings To Keep In Mind:

  • Brightness: brightens the photo

  • Strength: lowers the strength of the filter

  • Clarity: makes the image a little sharper and skin tanner

  • Shadow: removes unnecessary shadows in an image causing it to brighten it up a little more

  • Post Warmth: decrease the warmth of the photo if it’s too pink or increase it if it’s too blue

  • Saturation: makes the colors pop

  • Dust: to give it a subtle vintage look

Before & After:


1. Download the RNI Films App.

2. Choose an image (for this example, I’ll be using one of my photos for We Are Andrex. We like to take our photos around sunset time so it’s not too bright and not too dark).

3. Before choosing a filter, brighten your phone all the way up so that you get the most accuracy while editing your photo.

4. Choose a filter (in this case, I’ll be using Technicolor 2 under Vintage which heightens the blues, pinks, and oranges and brightens the whites).

5. Increase the Brightness of the photo (I like to exaggerate and brighten my photos between 30-45 depending on how dark the original photo is).

6. Lower the Strength if it’s too orangey or pinkish (in this case I lowered it to 50).

7. Add some Clarity (in this case I added 15).

8. Lower the Shadow to remove any dark shadows and it makes the image a little more bright (in this case I added 20).

9. Lower the Post Warmth to remove the orangey look (in this case I lowered it to -15).

9. Add a little Saturation if needed (in this case I added only 5 because the photo looks saturated).

10. Add Dust to get that vintage look.

11. To see your before and after, tap on the photo. 

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